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Amazing selling experience with Phil and his team, incredibly knowledgeable, took the time to understand what I was looking to accomplish, developed a winning strategy, and got it done fast with a serious commitment to service - way above and beyond. Highly recommended you give Phil a shot to earn your business, you won't regret it.

by zuser20160326162604661

Jonathan saved me a ton of $$$ when I bought my house. JD and his team made the home buying process easy and friendly after I had a couple of negative outcomes with less experienced real-estate professionals. I was also happy that after seeing 12+ houses and countless phone calls to renegotiate tiny details, I never felt like I was a burden or inconvenience to him. Overall 5 star experience and will use again!

by Jonathan Toler

I recently purchased my first home. Using Phil as my real estate agent was one of the best decisions I made in the home-buying process. From the very first, Phil listened to our needs and wants in a house and made some suggestions on locations that would work for us, and showed us some homes. He listened to our budget, and was very careful about only showing us homes we could actually afford. He took us on home tours on a holiday, because that worked for our schedule, and actually submitted our initial bid over a holiday. Phil was always available by text or e-mail, and would call me if we needed to discuss issues more in-depth. While we were looking at homes, Phil was very knowledgeable about home-building processes, and what certain repairs would cost, so that we could better make informed decisions about the pros and cons of various properties. Once we were in the negotiation process, Phil proved himself to be a very competent negotiator. He showed us several comparable properties and went in with an aggressive offer. When the counter-offer came back, and I was uncomfortable with the seller's offer of having the listing agent's firm act as the holder of the earnest money, Phil listened to me and successfully countered back with a neutral holder of the earnest money. After the inspection, Phil discussed with me what each of the concerns from the inspection meant, and how much each of the items would cost if we had to repair them ourselves. He and I made a list of items that we wished to be repaired based on the cost and inconvenience of having to do the items myself, and the sellers agreed to fix many more items than we had anticipated. Once the closing date began to draw near, Phil was in communication with my mortgage lender and me about any documentation needed for closing. He explained the parts I did not understand, and helped to facilitate the conversations between myself and my mortgage lender. We closed on time, and everything went very smoothly. As a side note, Phil is a really nice guy, and someone with whom I felt very comfortable. As anecdotal evidence, I had a brake light burn out on me, and I was unable to change it myself because it was stuck. Phil actually brought a tool kit with him to our closing and changed my brake light in the closing attorney's parking lot. I'd like to think it was because I was a special client, but I think Phil is such a nice guy, he would probably do that for anyone.

by joannahair87

Jonathan is a fantastic real estate agent and all-around-great guy. Perhaps most importantly, he's very responsive and conscientious. Plus, he's an Atlanta native who knows all the local market ins-and-outs. This combined with his no-pressure, high-service attitude makes finding and buying a home a real pleasure.

by Joshua Steffan

Phil listened to our needs and wants and was very attentive. We were house hunting from across the country. Phil was very helpful, and quick to respond whenever we had any questions or concerns. Our home buying process was very smooth and near effortless thanks to Phil!

by lochuynh1973